Artist Profile

George Alberto (Lazaro Jorge Alberto) was born in Miami Beach Florida; the same day that John Glenn orbited around the world. Lazaro is better known to his friends and family as George and at times even referred to as Lazaro Jorge (if one of his Cuban relatives is not happy with him.) George is a first generation American. Both his parents were Cuban immigrants who came to the United States fleeing Communism! George is very proud to be an American and his loyalty lies with this country, but also has strong ties to his Cuban heritage and culture.

George has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Technology and has been working in the computer field for the better part of 28 plus years. He is the father of two strapping young men, and has been married for the better part of 25 years to a wonderful Irish, English and Swedish young lady. George’s primary focuses in life are his God, Family and friends in that order. He’s the type of individual that, if asked, will give you the shirt off his back. George is very much involved in his neighborhood parish and has been teaching religious education to adults for a little over 14 years, from time to time serves at the Merton house soup kitchen. George also belongs to the Knights of Columbus and spends a good amount of time working for charitable organizations such has the Special Olympics, American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association to name a few.

George believes that we all need to be grateful for whatever we have in life and need to give something back, (pay it forward). He sees things with the “the glass is half full” perspective and tries very hard to keep a positive outlook on his life.

George enjoys a good cigar, espresso, holding his wife’s hand on a long walk or taking his wife on a motorcycle ride on a cool day. George has a very healthy sense of humor and he feels that everyone needs a little laughter in their day to help them get through.

He’s not out to get rich, he just wants to make enough money to enjoy life with his family and close friends. One of his greatest dreams is to be able to share his art with everyone and this is why he has created this website.

We hope that you enjoy George’s art!